Cory Spitzer

Software Developer

I love thinking through technical challenges and implementing solutions. I thrive on asking how things work and elucidating my understanding to others, whether they are technically minded or completely lack confidence in their proficiency with technical concepts. Creating software gives me the opportunity to constantly learn new technologies and tools, and refine my understanding of the underlying processes.

Check out my projects below, or take a look at my Github or my LinkedIn.


Personal Portfolio App

A personal portfolio application - the very project you are using right now!

Rails Box

A Vagrant virtual box setup for developing Ruby-on-Rails apps with a Postgres database

Pig Dice

The game 'Pig Dice,' implemented in front-end JavaScript


A collaboratively implemented app for documenting code written with Ruby, using the Sinatra web framework that implements a basic wiki functionality for editing entries.

Contributions to Shiftcal

The calendar for Shift2Bikes ( written in PHP.